Increase User Experience of the application while also improving the overall objective of obtaining higher quality vehicle images. Wireframe shows the solution of a vehicle walk around guide and where the user should stand when taking each image. After each image is taken the user can view image and approve it before uploading.
Concept Development
Challenge: In order to achieve the goal of obtaining the most money for a users vehicle, they are asked to provide pictures of their vehicle. Doing so will generally increase the value of value of the bids by 20%. Problem was the quality of images weren't very good. The images were too close, too far, and not of the areas needed. 

User Research: 
Based on the images we were getting it was clear that many users wanted to provide just one image and there was no consistency with each image. Without conducting a formal study of users we were able to identify the areas of improvement. 

Give the user a mobile application that could be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play stores that would provide an intuitive process that allowed them to enter their vehicle condition report and also guide them through the photo taking process. The solution was to provide them with a visual guide for each image with a small infographic at each stage. The graphic clearly shows the user where to stand to take each image. ​​​​​​​
User Journey/Process Flow:
The User Journey/Process Flow
 is a simple one, but critical to getting the best and most consistent images of user vehicles. An added bonus was the application could be white labeled to mobile web from desktop machines be used by affiliates and also for the intake of vehicles from different streams. The Wireframe and Experience Map below show the desktop to mobile web process.
Application Mockup and Prototype in Adobe XD
User Testing:
At the completion of the redesign a series of both Moderated and Unmoderated user testing was done. A series of tasks was listed and the user had to perform each task and then rate the ease of task. This feedback was very important and useful before releasing the version.
Mobile Application Screens

Very Successful
. Photo quality immediately improved, and as a result users are seeing higher bids for their vehicles. 
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